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From Humble Beginings....

"We all had to start somewhere, for us it was to venture out in the human spirit, to seek new horizons and challenges. From a watchmaking store, we grew to a national service center to grow into an importation and distribution network for Australia and New Zealand.  We never stop dreaming or challenging ourselves and therefore we continue to grow from strength to strength, after all this is the human spirit."

-Krzysztof Jakubaszek 

Founder of Stella Timepieces


With the help of our dedicated team and partners, our dream continues to grow from strength to strength. Service and an honest passion for watches are at the heart of all that Stella Timepieces does, whether we are interacting with our retail partners, or end consumers. We strive that each experience with our team and our products is a positive one; you will be welcomed into the Stella Timepieces family with open arms.


Stella Timepieces is a multi-brand distributor of watches manufactured by independently owned Swiss and Japanese watch companies. We distribute these brands through selected watch and jewelry retailers within Australia and New Zealand and offer unmatched support to those retail partners. Our exclusive network of contacts allows us and our partners, unparalleled access to the world of watch manufacturing that others only dream about.

With an honest passion for watches, stemming from a family history of expert watchmakers, Stella Timepieces is a dedicated advocate of superior craftsmanship, quality, and providing excellent service and support.


The Stella Timepieces family hopes you will enjoy exploring the brands on offer, and that those who love timepieces as much as they do will appreciate the passion and dedication that goes into selecting their brands.

Consumers or the service center that we run in house, we ensure each experience with us and our products is positive. We hope you will enjoy exploring our brands and if you love timepieces as much as we do, you'll fall in love with the passion that is our brands. 

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