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Atlantic Watches

Company History

The ATLANTIC company was established in Bettlach near Grenchen, Switzerland, in 1888.

It was founded by Eduard Kummer, born March 26, 1845. He was one of the founders of Swiss horology.  

The company was originally called EKB (short for Eduard Kummer Bettlach), and later renamed ATLANTIC. The company adopted an anchor and compass as its logo, and took its name from one of the oceans.

Initially the company manufactured parts for such renowned watch producers as Longines, Certina, and many others.

The first watches under the name of ATLANTIC were released in 1932, including one of the world’s first waterproof chronographs. Another very important event, which took place in the 1950s, was the invention of the crown-operated quick date-change mechanism.This landmark invention, compared to the invention of the crown in watches by Patek Philippe, is still used today by all watch manufacturers in the world.


During its 125 years of production, the company introduced many innovations, such as the titanium Nautilus, waterproof up to 1000 meters, or the Midas – a watch with an extra durable case and resistant to scratching.

However, the most famous model (and then series) of the ATLANTIC brand, which gained the most consumer popularity, was the Worldmaster.

Atlantic Watches
Atlantic Watches
Atlantic Watches
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