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Stella Timepieces is a multi-brand distributor of watches manufactured by independently owned Swiss and Japanese watch companies. We distributes these brands through selected watch and jewellery retailers within Australia and New Zealand.


We, at Stella Timepieces, have a dream about building a multi-brand watch distribution and support businesses not only to fill a gap in the marketplace where unique brands are missing, but to grow the support that otherwise would not be available for watchmakers and jewellers. With the help of a our dedicated team and partners, this dream continues to grow from strength to strength. With an honest passion for watches, stemming from a family of watchmakers, Stella Timepieces is a dedicated advocate of the superior craftsmanship and quality, with service at the heart of all we do, whether it is our retail partners, end consumers or the service centre that we run in house, we ensure each experience with us and our products is positive. We hope you will enjoy exploring our brands and if you love timepieces as much as we do as watchmakers you'll fall in love with the passion that is our brands. 

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