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3 year international guarantee

More than 90 years Grovana - since 1924 is time our tradition.

A successful story of a flexible family business with own workshops in Switzerland. Partnership, independency and flexibility are only a few values which are important to us.


1924 - Hans and Walter Gröflin found Fabrique d'Horlogèrie W. & H. Groeflin, Tenniken/Bâle. 
The purpose of the company is to produce watch movements.

1970 - Werner Bitterli takes over Hans Gröflin AG and the name is changed to Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG.

1971 - The production of watch movements is gradually being reduced whilst the development of the 
company’s own collection simultaneously starts under the name of ‘Grovana’.

1980 - The Swiss watch industry slips into the biggest crisis in its history. The demand for mechanical watches steadily decreases. Werner Bitterli decides to launch a new collection with quartz analog  movements. It is a huge success.

1985 - Due to the great demand for watches with quartz analog movements, the production premises have to be extended for the first time.

1990 - Grovana enters new markets in Eastern Europe and Russia.

1999 - The premises must be extended for a second time to optimise the storage and forwarding facilities.

2002 - The mechanical movements are acquired under the license agreement with Revue Thommen AG.
Grovana decides to produce these movements again and to sell them exclusively under the brand of “Revue

2006 - Grovana makes the first prototypes of a module for the exclusive manufacture movements. The mechanical manufacture movements are produced under the name of GT (Grovana Tenniken).

2007 -  Grovana opens its first retail shop in Liestal, BL, Switzerland.

2013 -  Grovana presents a new stand at the BASELWORLD Show to give customers an even better service.

2014 -  Grovana celebrates 96 in watchmaking.

2015 - Launch of the Philippe de Chéron Swiss Gold Watch collection.

2016 - New partner relationship and re-launch of the famous ELECTION Swiss Made Collection.

Grovana  Catalogue 

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