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Tacs Watches
Tacs Watches
Tacs Watches


The journey of Yoshiaki Motegi, a Japanese gentleman, who has been working in watch design and development for over 40 years, has been nothing but extraordinary.


Through his life's work, there was always a place to escape for him from the rush and noisy world. During the long journeys for business he started to imagine the idea of incorporating his surroundings into timepieces. It came from his passion towards simplicity and fulfillment that TACS was born.


He believed the design should be indirectly and subtly applied, the process starts from a question "how to break down to complexity to a simple and modest way with retaining its uniqueness?"


Subsequently the initial model “DROP” was born with an expression of one lucky natural drop of water, captured as it splashed. Some people described it as Cogito design, or Scandinavian design, because of its simplicity and elegance. Most often we hear, “it has taste”, “feels attractive” “creative” and “has sense”, the initial words describing this model. From this one model, with its attractive simple design the brand was born.


In 2010, this collection as a brand named TACS debuted at Basel World in Switzerland.


From this the vision of Yoshiaki Motegi, was to share an idea of surroundings, that life is not plain but filled with interesting and graceful features and emotions.

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