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Alfex Watches

The story began more than 65 years ago

Alfex origins go back to 1948, when Ferdinand Gindraux founded Ferex SA in Lugano, which in 1974 was renamed into Alfex S.A. 

Since more than 65 years, we are the only watch company originating from Ticino, the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. We have been independent of large watch company groups throughout the years and we are very proud of this fact!

Our company is since the early days obsessed in designing and creating minimalistic timepieces that blend into day to day life and provide a subtle element of chic to the proud owner of our products.

To achieve this, each of our watches is designed in Switzerland. Our design team works closely together with the colleagues in the markets to grasp trends and vibes, which are then translated into our design timepieces. We work with designers from different international backgrounds. We have Mexican, Italian, German, Danish and Swiss colleagues who take utmost care to create unique and innovative items. Over the last decades Alfex has therefore won several renown Design prizes e.g. Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Awards for diverse watch models. 

We not only care for design but we also care very much for quality. We use very high quality materials to create our products that proudly bare the SWISS MADE label.

I would like to thank our customers for their long-lasting fidelity and trust over the last decades and I am looking forward to a bright future.


-- Stephan Theusinger CEO, (Manno, Ticino, Switzerland)

Alfex Watches
Alfex Watches
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